Save the Barrow line


Feedback to Waterways

Waterways are inviting feedback to their Barrow Blueway proposal until the 5th Jan 2015. Unfortunaely a lot of people have contacted us to say that they had trouble submitting feedback to Waterways Ireland via their web site so we've compiled this guide to help with the rather long winded process.

1. Go to the following link

2. Towards the end of the page at the above link there  is a section "Public Engagement" and toward the end of that section there is a link "Proposals and Feedback from". Click on this link.

3. This will take you to a page which contains a form where you can enter your email address, first name, last name  and county.  There is a button at the end of the form "Subscribe to List". When you click this an email will be sent to the email address that you supplied in the form

4. When you receive this email, subject line "Barrow Blueway Proposal Information: Please confirm Subscription", it will contain a button asking for you to confirm subscription. If you click on this button a page should appear saying "Thank you for signing-up. The Barrow Blueway Proposal will arrive in your inbox shortly. "

5. After a couple of minutes another email with subject line "Barrow Blueway Proposal Information Nov/Dec 2014" should arrive in your inbox. Towards the end of this email there is a section titled "Give you feeback" and it contains a link "SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK"

6. Click on this link and you should finally arrive at the "Barrow Blueway Proposal Feedback Form" where Waterways invite your feeback.

7. When you fill in the form click the "Done" button at the end of this page and your feedback should be submitted.